Whatever You Do, Don't Look Down

Are you the type of traveller that plans out your trip’s itinerary to a tee or do you fly by the seat of your pants once the plane touches down? Well we think that when you travel, you should incorporate a little bit of both, with an emphasis on spontaneity.

We’re the type of guys that live for adventure and go with the flow, but we also want to have an idea of what we’re going to do when we fly halfway across the country for a long weekend. We want to get our money’s worth and make every second count, you know, and a little structure is never a bad thing.

With that being said, having a general plan does not mean being on your phone every second looking up Yelp reviews, Google Maps, and checking in on social media. So when we say don’t look down, we mean at your phone! When you experience a new place, the whole point is getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing something totally unique. What better way to achieve that mission than getting lost and not worrying about whether you are going to go left or right at the fork in the road.

If you want to find a true local eatery, then ask a local. Going off Yelp is not always trustworthy and just disconnects you from having a conversation with someone right in front of you who actually lives there. Google Maps? Puh-lease, you have an idea where you want to go and that will be enough to get you there. The best way to meet locals is to talk to them, and asking them for directions (or advice on food, bars, attractions) is the easiest way to strike a conversation. When I was recently in Jerusalem with a friend, I walked up to two Israeli girls and asked where all the tourists hang out. They pointed behind us and I said, “Perfect we’ll go the other way then.” The girls laughed and then invited us to a bar where all of the locals hang out. We ended up zig zagging through narrow passageways made of cobblestone and finally arrived at this little strip of bars surrounded by local Israelis. We never ever would have found this place had we not asked. And there wasn’t a tourist in sight.

As for social media, it will be there waiting for you when you come back! Ok I get it, you want to post pictures of your awesome trip. Can’t you just wait until you return? Does posting an Instagram really have to be instantaneous? Your friends won’t shun if you post a picture days or weeks after the event actually happened. Avoid using social media so you can stay connected to living in the moment. Besides, sifting through all of your photos after your trip will be a great way to reflect on your journey.

At the end of the day, traveling is to do something different and be a little uncomfortable. I think we can all agree that we feel pretty naked when we don’t have our phone on us. Don’t be afraid to put it on airplane mode and just go with the flow. I think you’ll survive, hell, humans have been just fine for thousands of years without a phone. So look up, you just may see something new.