5 Spotify Playlists to Hold You During Off-Season

It’s officially off-season for music festivals. This time of the year gets dark and we’re not just talking about the sun setting at 4:30 (which is equally as sad.)

No more festivals. Unless you’re a lucky human traveling to South America (which in that case get out of here), you’re probably looking at a bare calendar. Sad.

Luckily, we’re here to hold you over until next spring, when festivals start counting down. Here are a bunch of Spotify playlists to elevate your mood, introduce you to your next favorite artist, and set the mood for your next rager.

Listen well and listen often, my friends.

A Couple of Obvious Ones

Before we get into specific playlists, make sure you’re taking full advantage of Spotify’s automatic ones—they’re fun. Throwback Thursday mix is a sometimes sweet, sometimes horrifying trip down memory lane. Make sure you follow for a pick-me-up after long Thursdays working or studying. 

Your personal Discovery playlist is another solid way to find new artists and songs. We typically throw this one while working and star the songs that make us listen twice. 

Keep it Mello

This playlist is a perfect showcase of 2016/2017 electronic music. Some chill, some bangers, all well suited for your next house party. Bonus points if you serve one of these marshmallow cocktails throughout. Yum. 

Twerk it!

This playlist is absolutely ridiculous, but we love it. Twerk it! Is exactly what you think it is: songs about the booty. Whenever you’re in a bad mood from work, school, or the jerk that just cut you off, play this loudly. Our personal favorites are Ass Drop by Wiz Kalifa, Go to Work by Tim Omaji, and the ever-classic Bubble Butt by Major Lazer.

This is also a good playlist for workouts. Pure motivation to get our asses in shape for the upcoming festival season. 

Chilled Vibes - Selecta

This playlist is more chill than the first two, but still could throw down at a party. Some of the most well-known artists include chill electro powerhouses Flume and ODESZA, with support from Banks and Daruis. This playlist claims weekly updates so be sure to carve some time out and star your favs. 

Coachella 2017 Official Playlist

We’re not convinced this is the actual official playlist; it was created by some dude named Evan. However, it has all of Coachella’s known diversity in music and artists: Hip hop, rap, pop, rock, electronic, and all the inbetweeners, so for us, it’s good enough.

There is a single song by each artist to give you an overview, and it’s organized alphabetically (woo!) It’s the simple things that excite us about fan-made playlists. 

Spice Girls Best Of

We’re only sorta kidding. 

Even though it’s off-season, we can still listen, save our monies, and start planning for 2017’s wild lineup of mind-blowing festivals. If you want to save some cash on festival tickets or hotel rooms, check us out. Our number one goal is to send more people to more festivals this year.